Total Joint Surgery

Total joint surgery is a procedure in which certain parts of an arthritic or damaged joint are removed and replaced with an artificial joint, which is designed to move just like a healthy joint.

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Foot and Ankle Surgery

The surgeons at the Joint Replacement Institute bring together many years of experience to diagnose and treat even the most complex foot and ankle conditions for patients of all ages.

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Sports Medicine

Even if you're in great shape, sports related injuries could occur when you least expect it. The goal of the doctors and staff at Joint Replacement Institute is to help athletes recover from injuries as quickly and safely as possible.

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Knee Replacement with Women in Mind | Naples, Florida

According to the AAOS, over 60% of all total knee replacement patients in the United States are female; however, until recently, knee replacements have been designed without consideration for the subtle differences between male and female anatomy. For all intents and purposes, these prosthetic knee implants have been created with a "one size fits all" mentality.

In 2007, approximately 300,000 women underwent knee surgery, and this year may see the number increase . Because a female knee is often different from a male knee, the "one size fits all" approach to knee replacement won't be the best fit for every patient. Female athletes, as well as patients suffering from degenerative osteoarthritis, can benefit from a knee replacement engineered with women in mind.

Stryker Triathlon Knee Replacements: Gender Specific Implants

Stryker Triathlon knee implants are not made to fit one uniform size; they come in a multitude of sizes to scale for both men and women of all body types. Apparel sized to fit a small woman will give a more comfortable fit versus "one size fits all" attire. Clothing is not typically purchased in a "one size fits all" fashion, and your knee replacement should not be either. "Gender knees," because of the improved placement and fit, may improve wear characteristics in recipients, as well as increase the lifespan of the implant.

When to Consider Total Knee Replacement

When everyday activities begin to cause pain and inhibit your daily routine, an orthopaedic evaluation can help you determine the best solution to alleviate pain and other symptoms. If simple activities, such as walking, raking the leaves, or gardening, have become chores due to pain and limited range of motion in the knees, the orthopaedic professionals of the Joint Replacement Institute in Naples, South Florida, can determine whether gender knee replacement is a viable option.

Dr. H. Kurtis Biggs, founder of the Joint Replacement Institute, is well versed in gender-specific knee replacements, as well as custom fit knee replacements, providing the practice with an edge over surgeons and groups that have not yet begun administering these exciting orthopaedic innovations.

Before considering total knee replacement, patients should pursue noninvasive methods of treatment. These conservative methods include:

  • RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation)
  • Corticosteroid injections into the affected joint
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Physical Therapy / Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

If these treatment methods do not sufficiently alleviate pain, a total joint replacement may be recommended.

Gender Specific Knee Replacement Surgery

Gender-specific knee replacement is performed no differently than a traditional knee replacement. The only difference between traditional knee replacement and gender-specific joint reconstruction is the size of the implant. The orthopaedic surgeon removes the affected end of the femur (thigh bone) and replaces it with a cap made of metal alloys. The end of the tibia (shin bone) is also removed and recapped with a plastic component that attaches to the femur's metal cap and allows the knee joint to swing and move naturally.

Triathlon knees sized for women simply rescale the design of traditional knee replacement implants, bringing a wide range of sizes to the Triathlon family that fit most patients comfortably. Benefits of gender-specific knee replacement include improved wear characteristics of the joint, longer lifespan of the implant, and better fit of the prosthetic.

Orthopaedic Expertise in South Florida

Dr. H. Kurtis Biggs has years of experience performing traditional total knee replacement surgery, as well as innovative approaches such as custom-fit knee replacement and gender-specific knee replacement. Dr. Biggs provides national training for knee replacement procedures, and is committed to improving patient satisfaction and surgical outcomes. Make an appointment to see Dr. Biggs at his office to see if you are a candidate for gender-specific knee replacement.